Today, we regularly updated Deepin 2014, fixed the following important bugs and adjusted the system.

Bugs Fixed


  • 0003548: Window theme was prompted to be unnormal when executing Desktop script
  • Permission error of /etc/ shadow file
  • Multiple guest account information existed in users. ini file
  • 0003240: Error occurred when setting startup screen, default applications and personalization.
  • 0002642: Cheese caused click failure on desktop
  • When only one keyboard layout was set, press Super + Space to switch keyboard layout, a black line was left in the screen centre

Deepin Control Centre

  • Two memory test options were shown in Boot Management
  • No contents was shown in wired network information i
  • Error occurred in new network connection ( dial and VPN)
  • was shown in network information after set a static IP address in Network Module
  • User photos and images saved in account setting were inconsistent with pictures previewed in photographing
  • Guest account can not be shown under the situation of too many system accounts (There were 12 included guest account)



  • Icon can not be dragged from launcher to Dock when opening launcher after Dock was set to be automatically / always hidden
  • Dock did not appear when starting launcher after Dock was set to be always / automatically hidden
  • Prompts were not appeared in the operation of shutdown and lock screen when upgrading Software Centre
  • After closed the preview window of an item on the Dock, preview window was no longer shown when immediately moving mouse over the item
  • Evoluspencil application on Dock was not separated from firefox icon
  • Title shown in Deepin Movie preview in Dock was inconsistent with title played, and the preview window also had problems
  • Dock was blank due to use esc to cancel a drag operation on Dock
  • Dock was hidden when right clicking on icons of time, tray, launcher, etc, after Dock set to be automatically hidden
  • There were two sublime icons when starting sublime on Dock after sublime icon was sent to Dock from launcher
  • Icons can not be dragged to reside in Dock when only launcher, tray, time and recycle bin were shown in Dock
  • Icon was fixed in the Dock and can not be started when java GUI program was running
  • Dock sometimes caused the system to be unresponsive
  • AcetoneISO was fixed on Dock from launcher or desktop and then removed it, which was still there after logged in


Deepin Movie

  • Setting of function keys in Deepin Movie effected with wrong interface
  • Setting function of shortcut in Deepin Movie was invalid
  • Auto pause function in Deepin Movie failed when minimized
  • Option setting window in Deepin Movie was on top in default
  • keyboard can not be used in terminal when setting a keyboard shortcut in Deepin Movie
  • Mini window was shown in the upper left corner of screen when switching the maximization mode to mini mode in Deepin Movie
  • Files in MP3 format of Deepin Movie can not be suspended by the pause button
  • Playlist was gradually disappeared when selected a file in it and dragged up or down
  • Shortcuts were effective only the mouse pointer was in the window of Deepin Movie
  • Text of Screen / Sound shortcut in Deepin Movie should not be black
  • One shortcut was allowed to be bounded to multiple functions in Deepin Movie
  • Gray screen was shown when Deepin Movie played video prior to audio
  • There was no information on file path after copied the film information to clipboard


User Guide

  • Texts in the first preparation screen of Guide Interface were not centered
  • Control Centre was not shown by moving mouse to the right corner of the screen during steps to boot Control Centre in Guide Interface
  • Control Centre can be started by moving mouse to the right corner of the screen when nothing was done in Guide Interface


Deepin Installer

  • Installer failed when uninstalling btrfs-tools *
  • Current keyboard layout and time were not shown in the screen of installer
  • Text of “Expert Mode” and “Simple Mode” in the upper right corner offset to the right in second step of installer
  • Selecting menu can not be hidden by clicking on some right areas when selected the grub installation location of Expert Mode
  • Font of the mount point in Expert Mode was too large
  • Text of “Next” button was not clear


Deepin Boot Maker

  • dd USB flash drive still can make a boot disk when it was not formatted, but actually not succeed


  • Keyboard layout switch has been added in lock screen
  • If a program icon already resided on Dock, the function of “added on Dock” is disabled when right clicking the icon in launcher
  • Improved the prompts when clicking the installation button in simple mode of installer
  • Login screen without password improved

Software Upgrade

  • Sogou input method and Google chrome browser had been updated to the latest version


More details on bugs fixed, please view our Bugs Tracking System. If you find some problems during the using process or have any suggestions for improvement, welcome to report on Bugs Tracking System.




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