Today, we have updated the latest news about Deepin 2014. The following intro has covered the system and software updating info.


Bug fixes

About launcher

The wallpaper of launcher may shake up and down when you start the launcher.

The wallpaper of launcher doesn’t change after you replacing the other wallpapers.

You cannot disable the other corner navigations when you start the launcher.


About dock

The icon of Deepin installer which appears on the dock is not the right one.

The icon of Deepin recycled bin which appears on the dock doesn’t change in sync with the operating state.


About desktop

Alter the “workspace” for “all windows” under the setting of corner navigation


About login manager

There is only one user and the permission of visiting the website has been disabled. In addition, the avatar of user will disappear when you switch the users by pressing the left/right button on the login interface.


About system

The tray of the input method is not placed in the right position.

Docx files cannot be opened under the Google chrome

You cannot disable the black screen when you operate the browser (including the Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Wpp and Evine) in the full screen.

The music player cannot be paused temporarily during system standby time. Besides, you cannot make the music player work again after the system comes back to the operating state.

“Undefined” appears as the username when the new user log in the first time.

The function in which you need set the screen-lock via the password doesn’t work.

The corner navigation doesn’t work after unlocking the screen-lock.

The cursor blink cannot be set.


Software center updating

New mirrors are added in:

Southern Taiwan University of Technology (Taiwan)

Telkom SAIX(South Africa)

Michigan Tech Linux Users' Group (America)

Game center updating

The newly added games are as follows:






For information about bug fixes and improvements, please visit our bug tracker. You are also welcome to report any problems or give us any improvement suggestions on the bug tracker.


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