Today, we have updated the latest news about Deepin 2013 and Deepin2014. The following intro has covered the system and software updating info.

(Note: from now on, Deepin2013 will enter into the maintenance phase, which means that we will no longer develop new functions for Deepin2013. Only security patch and daily update will be revealed.)



Dock appears the top left corner on the screen after starting-up.

*0003168: individualized wallpaper setting doesn’t’ work with the default wallpaper appearing at last.

*0003180: ssh problems in deepin terminal

*0002955: deepin-terminal doesn’t offer run-command parameter.

*0003162:  only system icons (boot-up, time, task bar and recycle bin) appear in the dock without the software icon after the starting-up. It works well unless starting-up again after logout.

*0003079 : the editing function in English deepin screenshot appears in Chinese.

*0003186:: the recycled bin on dock doesn’t work.

*0003182:: swap cannot be set by installer.

*when you finish the installation by Chinese ISO, the system appears with engilsh.

*The corner navigation has been set into a workspace. When you start a program with text-input function at random and use mouse to activate the corner navigation, a “w” will appear in the textbox.

* As for the D tray, the small-sized icon will expand with more than four icons in it.

* Java font will appear optimized.

*System menu occupies a lot in CPU.


New functions

*0003012: a pop-up box for successful connection will appear

*more system trays are added in Dock (network, volume, battery and etc.)



*The fix function in software center doesn’t work.


Deepin Software Center

*The function of uninstalling the old kernel is added.

*The following software are the latest version.

Sougo Input Method





*New mirrors are added in China University of Geosciences.

Only FTP connections are supported:


Besides, ISO images are also available:


Note: You can select your preferred mirror from the various choices in the preferences settings of Deepin Software Center.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the China University of Geosciences of the above mirror for its support for the  Deepin project and the community.

If you happen to be a mirror hoster, please consider mirroring  Deepin and help the community grow. You can always reach us by mailing to


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