User Q & A on Deepin 2014

Deepin 2014 release has been published for almost a month. We thank the fans a lot who have been accompanying us. Thank you for letting Deepin 2014 become more perfect!

Now, we’ll focus on answering some of the most common questions asked by users.


Q & A

Q: Why does Deepin 2014 give up the installation of DeepWin?

A: DeepWin installation was based on Wubi program developed by Ubuntu. There are many reasons for abandoning it, among which the biggest one is that Wubi has lost upstream maintenance. Ubuntu team, which is the former maintainers of Wubi, said there are too many problems on Wubi. To maintain Wubi is not as good as to allocate manpower to develop systems and software. If it is needed to cite some specific questions, then consider the following:

  • Win disk must be in NTFS format.
  • Chinese can’t appear in installation path. It’s easy for mistakes to occur if it includes Chinese.
  • It’s vulnerable to the impact of anti-virus software under Win.
  • It’s not compatible with Windows8 system (be calm...).
  • Wubi design limitations result in that the systems installed in the way of Wubi are not stable enough, and such systems’ performance is poor (especially for disk performance).
  • ......


All of the above problems and limitations can easily lead to users’ not being able to use Wubi mode to install Deepin system. To abandon Wubi installation mode has become a trend. We should  follow the trend of the times, rather than spending a lot of effort maintaining Wubi which can cause the delay of system’s development.


Q: Why do you develop Deepin Boot Maker but not let users use dd commands directly?

A: At present, many Linux desktop users can not use the commands, and in order to reduce the learning cost of new Linux users, command operation should not be recommended. USB flash drive on which dd has been written can not be recognized under Windows. Besides, there is no native dd under Windows.

Q: Why has it been unsuccessful when I use Deepin Boot Maker to make the booting disk?

A: Because the writing methods of Deepin Boot Maker are not the ways of needing formatting USB flash drive such as using dd. When using Deepin Boot Maker, it can be written in correctly only when the USB flash drive is Fat32 file system. If you can’t make a boot disk successfully, you are suggested to format the USB flash drive as Fat32 file system and then to use the newest Deepin Boot Maker to make a boot disk.

Q: Why can my computer not use Deepin system start USB flash drive boot, but other computers can?

A: Currently we find that this problem commonly happens in relatively early computers with UEFI motherboards. We can give you a preliminary judge that this kind of motherboards do not meet the UEFI specifications, resulting in that the files we need cannot be found when we boot USB flash drive and the boot fails. Currently we are thinking of ways to solve this kind of problems.

Q: Why is Deepin 2014 not recommended to be installed on a virtual machine?

A: The reason is simple. Because now the Compiz window manager has been changed too much by Ubuntu..., which leads to the result that Compiz has a poor performance under non-Unity desktop environment. Meanwhile, Compiz doesn’t have a good compatibility with the drive of the virtual machine. A variety of reasons integrated cause that Deepin 2014 runs very slowly in a virtual machine.

Grapevine: Originally Compiz was a very independent project, but the rich and powerful Ubuntu team recruited the founder of Compiz project to cooperate in occupation. Then Compiz started to optimize for Unity desktop environment specifically, thereby reducing its support for other desktop environments, resulting in its poor performance under non-Unity desktop environments......

Q: Why does my computer run XP very smoothly, but Deepin 2014 very slowly?

A: First, we need to understand the premise: XP is a system which already has over ten years of history while Deepin 2014 is less than one year old.

XP is designed for computers with very poor performance more than ten years ago, while Deepin 2014 is the system configured for the mainstream computers. They have different positions. It is like that if because Win95 systems take few resources, but Win7’s occupancy is high, we say that Win7 is a rubbish system, this judgment would be one-sided and not objective. Of course, we will continue to optimize the system to make Deepin systems run smoothly on computers with different configurations.

Q: Why can I not install NVIDIA card closed source drive?

A: Because the current Deepin Control Center uses QML to develop front-end interface. The installed NVIDIA card closed source drive can easily lead to QML’s running failure. For safety reasons, please do not install the NVIDIA card closed source drive. In order to untie the bell, the person who tied it is required. This problem needs to be solved by the upstream QT team. We can’t do much on it.

Q: Why is the system update very easy to go wrong? Has the stability of update been tested inside?

A: We have an internal dedicated test group to test whether there exist problems in the system update each time. But because the internal testing environment is relatively single, the external user environment is complex, the occasional errors can not be avoided. Of course, we will also enhance the quality of the test to make sure that there don’t exist problems in each update.

Q: Why can’t the system of Deepin 2014 installed be woken up after it suspends? And why are there problems in some functions in the system?

A: First of all, this has something to do with the drive. Therefore the problem on suspending has been a common problem under Linux. Friends in whose system there are problems on suspending are suggested to disable the suspending first. You can set it in the power management module in Control Center.

Q: Why don’t Deepin 2014 computers support my shortcuts on my notebook, such as brightness adjustment?

A: First of all, this still has something to do with the drive. The solution is to adjust the brightness through the display module in the Control Center. But this kind of solution is soft adjustment, not a real brightness adjustment.

Q: Why is my Control Center suddenly unable to be started?

A: First you need to make sure whether the NVIDIA card closed source drive or 115 network disk has been installed. /usr/bin/qt.conf documents released by 115 network disk installed would interfere with the start of the Control Center. This is the bug of 115 network disk, which needs to be fixed by related members of 115 network disk.

Q: Why has the problem in Dock’s function “auto hide” in Deepin 2014 been existing?

A: Please see this article to make sure whether there exist problems.

Q: Why has the Control Center been flashing?

A: This is a bug of the latest version of QT, which needs to be solved by QT team. We can do very little on it.

Q: Why does the screen of Deepin 2014 slightly flash from time to time?

A: This has something to do with the drive. It’s mainly related to the compatibility of the driver and OpenGL. We will replace the window manager to solve this problem.

Q: Why does system startup not default to start the keypad?

A: Through our test, the system startup defaulting to start the keypad will cause that some computers can not be started. In order to make sure that all computers can start normally, we will not default to start the keypad before appropriate solutions are found.


The above are problems summarized temporarily. I will issue more timely updates.

I also hope our fans can speak freely in the comments section, tell your doubts in your heart. At many times it is not that we do not know your questions, but it is that we haven’t found better technological solutions so that we have to maintain the existing status.



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