Lots of fans around the world actively signed up for the Contest since it begun. Till 1st of November, 2015, we have received 130 effective wallpapers. After two rounds of fans voting, 16 wallpapers entered the Jury voting phase.

On 15th of November, 2015. The Contest was complete. The judges have voted one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes. Now we will announce the prize winning works:

First Prize

First PrizePerito Moreno Glacier(Jaime Irazabal)


  • The structure is clear: four colors layers beautiful scenery, almost equal proportion in the space. Whether its composition or color, surprise my vision a lot. _MattD
  • Four layers scenery, stunning spectacle, the best part is the blue dots in the glacier. _王珈
  • Snow Mountains, rocks and glaciers are three powerful natural scenery. They are together to make a very harmonious collocation. This wallpaper can give a person a kind of empty and quiet feeling. It can make a person silence. Perfect for wallpaper. _余敬梅
  • Magic and beautiful natural scenery, thanks for sharing! Hope to have the opportunity to see. _彭浩
  • The beauty of the spectacular, amazing! _王梦境


Second Prize

second Prize1One night in Santorini(huarabbit)


  • The sunset glows dimly and moon turns brightly .Quiet and peaceful night of Santorini! Shocked beauty! _MattD
  • the author was able to capture the beautiful of Santorini during night; I was in Santorini last summer, I know it is well known due to its beautiful sunsets, but the best one is Fira or Imerovogli ones with red sunsets, thats why I think the author could do better. _Massimo Carofano
  • A good night at exotic. _舒乐
  • The natural scenery is unique, containing colors and pictures .But the overall is not harmonious enough. _余敬梅


second Prizearchitect(Bogdan)


  • Simplicity, able to stand careful reading and appreciation and looks very comfortable. Static dark green background does not hurt the eyes and integral feeling is very good. It is very suitable for a wallpaper, feeling is very good. _余敬梅
  • Soft lines and slightly illuminating sunlight, it is a very good scene. There is a desire to know what it was like after the turning .The most important thing is it has a very good effect as wallpaper, full of mysterious and science fiction. _彭浩
  • Colour is unified. It has a sense of perspective. _舒乐
  • Abstract the specific combines perfectly. And there is a ray of sunshine. _王珈


Third Prize

third prize1


  • Looking on the up, it is our working building. _王珈
  • Hale line, straight building structure, a modern city._MattD
  • See this wallpaper, I suddenly found that, how long we do not see so clear cloudless blue sky, looked up to see it yearning. But set it as the wallpaper, the sky was framed by the border. there is a want to tear border. _彭浩
  • Same building, different vision. _舒乐
  • City line is mixed with the blue sky, giving a person a kind of quiet feeling in noise. _杨万青
  • Strong feelings of lins, hale style . I think it can be a good wallpaper. _王梦境


third Prize3秋日公园(郑希韧)


  • Nice scenery but it is slightly messy. I felt it was a little defective as wallpaper. But I will give 4 stars as alandscapes. _彭浩
  • You will feel pure and fresh when you among this palce. _王珈
  • The thick foliage, bubbling streams, shining sun , to make a beautiful natural scenery. _MattD


third Prize2Fairy Town(syqiven)


  • Profusion of color. It is brilliant and it is beautiful. _杨万青
  • The feeling of painting. Bright colors and it likes to set sunshine on the wall. _王珈
  • White clouds in the sky like the wings of angel, protecting this town on the earth. The color of Houses, the sun and the sky crisscross each other, like a dream. _MattD
  • The sunshine, whether from sunrise or sunset, is mapping a colorful city. Various radiation of cloud, taking on a canvas effect. It can be called an art. _彭浩


Winning Prize

Mario Martinez, Mateus Machado L, Daniele Campione, Elfat Ramadani, 李杰, 王珂 and 张瑞



  1. Winning prize winners are participants who made it to top 16 but did not win prizes above the winning prize.
  2. We can not get touch with Jonathan Paul, so he does not make a comments on the Judge.



We will get in in touch with prize winners and mail the prizes ASAP. Thank you all for your kindly supports in the Contest!

In the end, we'd like to thank the Jury of the Contest again for their support and attention in the Contest!



Deepin Technology Team


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