Security Updates(DSA-3548-1 &DSA-3549-1 &DSA-3550-1)

The security updates of samba, chromium-browser and openssh.   Vulnerability Information DSA-3548-1 samba— Security Update Security database details: CVE-2015-5370: Jouni Knuutinen from Synopsys discovered flaws in the Samba DCE-RPC code which can lead to denial of service (crashes and high cpu consumption) and man-in-the-middle attacks. CVE-2016-2110: Stefan Metzmacher of SerNet and the Samba Team discovered that the feature negotiation of NTLMSSP does not protect against downgrade attacks. CVE-2016-2111: When Samba is configured as domain controller, it allows remote attackers to spoof the computer name of a secure channel's endpoint, and obtain sensitive session information. This flaw corresponds to the same ...Read more