Deepin is the top Linux distribution from China, devoted to providing a beautiful, easy-to-use, safe, and reliable operating system for global users. (Global Ranking)

Application Added

Xunjie OCR, RoyalFlush iFinD, Sunlogin Enterprise Client, Sunlogin Enterprise Control, Turtle Editor, LightWAN, Guotai Junan Rich Easy, Pythoncad, meshroom, PCMan FM, Nitrokey-app, kumowork, JDirDiff, gb-studio, rpCalc, Google Translation, NFS Browser, DDD, Code with Mu, Solarus, desktop-entry-editor, RustDesk, Serina, CADAssistant, coolreader, TestDisk, appimage-installer, HakuNeko, Virtaal, Xcel, Partimage, Openfetion, Wapiti, UFTP, Markdown-Explorer, Instead, CPU-X, Deer, abricotine, OnOffice, mbw, geppetto, JetBrains Toolbox, bizconf.libhccontrolsdk, bizcontact-transsdk, Microsoft Edge, Dalongyun Computer (Wine), Weishi (Wine), iFLYNOTE (Wine), LOGO Language Flash (Wine), ClassIn Online Classroom (Wine), Xunjie PDF Converter (Wine), Kwai Live Partner (Wine), Eclipse Memory Analyzer (MAT), Zoom Cloud Meetings, Navicat Premium 15, Jabref, Huashengke DDNS, dbeaver community, Julia

Application Updated
Typora, Ventoy, HMCL Minecraft Launcher, Chrome, Vivaldi, WeChat (wine), Sogou input method, OBS Studio, Sublime Text 4, Thunderbird Mail Client

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