Hello, everyone! The long-anticipated new deepin official website has met you finally!

The new official website includes two parts—the main site and the community site. All pages of the main site have been updated now. In the relevant pages of the community site, only Forum, Wiki and Mirror have been updated while the pages that haven’t been updated will keep to be shown with their original pages.

The new official website is currently available in English and Simplified Chinese. The other languages will be supported afterwards.

The most noteworthy thing is that users can directly log in the new official website with Deepin ID. The users who already have the account of the old site can log in the new official website with the original ID, without re-registering.

Our new official website is now the Beta version. All the pages are in debugging. If you find any problem, please click here to report it to us.

deepin Team

April 14, 2015

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