The Deepin app store has been updated, and we have been working hard on the update of the store!  The following is the detailed update record, please refer to

Application Added

No. Status Category Name Type
1 Placement Office kcolorchooser linux
2 Placement Reading foliate linux
3 Placement Multimedia Editing Fraqtive linux
4 Placement Games Gomoku linux
5 Placement Games Lianliankan linux
6 Placement Music QQ music linux
7 Placement Development ELF Dissector linux
8 Placement Internet KBruch linux
9 Placement Reading Gummi linux
10 Placement Internet kleopatra linux
11 Placement Multimedia Editing GrafX2 linux
12 Placement Internet KEuroCalc linux
13 Placement Internet KWordQuiz linux
14 Placement Games KLickety linux
15 Placement Games KJumpingCube linux
16 Placement System Sound Juicer linux
17 Placement Games AdaVenture linux
18 Placement Internet KOrganizer linux
19 Placement Multimedia Editing Entangle linux
20 Placement Office Plover linux
21 Placement System KBackup linux
22 Placement Internet Chronobreak linux
23 Placement Games AdaGate linux
24 Placement Development DnToolContainer linux
25 Placement Games mki3dgame linux
26 Placement Internet Elcalc linux
27 Placement Internet KGeography linux
28 Placement Music KMIX linux
29 Placement Games KReversi linux
30 Placement Office symboleditor linux
31 Placement Internet KWalletManager linux
32 Placement Games KFourInLine linux
33 Placement System Ventoy linux
34 Placement Internet remmina linux
35 Placement Multimedia Editing Shotcut linux
36 Placement Internet Chrome linux
37 Placement Multimedia Editing photocollage linux
40 Placement System iFlytek Input Method Turing version linux
41 Placement Internet AnTuTu Benchmark linux
42 Placement Development NxShell linux
43 Placement Office Calligra Sheets linux
44 Placement Development Ninja IDE linux
45 Placement Office Kalgebramobile linux
46 Placement Office Calligrastage linux
47 Placement Music Faustworks linux
48 Placement Reading evince linux
49 Placement System Apper linux
50 Placement Games Solarus linux
51 Placement Office Genius linux
52 Placement Video Sweep linux
53 Placement Games 7kaa linux
54 Placement Video Qstopmotion linux
55 Placement Games Caveexpress linux
56 Placement Office Tagainijisho linux
57 Placement Games Overgod linux
58 Placement Internet Matchbox-keyboard linux
59 Placement System Ophcrack linux
60 Placement System Qshutdown linux
61 Placement Multimedia Editing Voxbo linux
62 Placement Internet PyMOL linux
63 Placement Games Cytadela linux
64 Placement Internet Merkaartor linux
65 Placement Games Searchandrescue linux
66 Placement Games Gltron linux
67 Placement Development Emma linux
68 Placement Internet Openuniverse linux
69 Placement Games Mokomaze linux
70 Placement Games Xsok linux
71 Placement Multimedia Editing Elki linux
72 Placement Internet Xzoom linux
73 Placement Games Tomatoes linux
74 Placement Development Minizinc linux
75 Placement Games Bloboats linux
76 Placement Office Kig linux
77 Placement Games Pokemmo-installer linux
78 Placement Multimedia Editing Ncl-ncarg linux
79 Placement Office Geg linux
80 Placement Internet Jemboss linux
81 Placement Games Tecnoballz linux
82 Placement Music Opencubicplayer linux
83 Placement Internet Seascope linux
84 Placement System Aqemu linux
85 Placement Internet Retext linux
86 Placement Internet Kradio4 linux
87 Placement System Ukopp linux
88 Placement Internet Pikopixel linux
89 Placement Office Document Viewer linux
90 Placement Development IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate linux
91 Placement Games Kubrick linux
92 Placement Office Ballview linux
93 Placement Games Chessx linux
94 Placement Office WeCom wine

Application Updated

No. Status Category Name Type
1 Updates Internet Sweet Home 3D linux
2 Updates Video MoonPlayer linux
3 Updates Development Visual Studio Code linux
4 Updates Video Movie linux
5 Updates Multimedia Editing Draw linux
6 Updates Internet Opera linux
7 Updates Multimedia Editing Album linux
8 Updates Music Music linux
9 Updates Development PyCharm Professional linux
10 Updates Development Charles linux
11 Updates Office LibreOffice linux
12 Updates Internet TeamViewer linux
13 Updates Internet Chrome linux
14 Updates Development Postman linux
15 Updates Reading Calibre linux
16 Updates Office WizNote linux
17 Updates Internet Vivaldi linux
18 Updates Office PDFsam linux
19 Updates System Sunpinyin linux
20 Updates Internet Free Download Manager linux
21 Updates System Graphics Driver Manager linux
22 Updates Internet beyond compare linux
23 Updates System Etcher linux
24 Updates Internet Firefox ESR linux
25 Updates Office WeCom wine
26 Updates Internet Firefox Quantum(EN) linux
27 Updates Reading Master PDF editor linux
28 Updates Development DataGrip linux
29 Updates Development Another Redis Desktop Manager linux
30 Updates Internet Thunderbird Mail Client linux
31 Updates Music QQ music linux

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