Deepin Terminal V2.6.0 is a revision, which has not only added some features, but also optimized the details and fixed user feedback.

New Features:

  • Newly added the function to customize the window title;
  • Newly add the function of cursor autohide when entering characters;
  • New added the function to customize the server name in remote login;
  • New added the function to search by Google when right-click on the selected text;
  • New added white wind theme;

Optimized Features:

  • Fixed the issue that the "Hide quake window after lost focus" option is not checked by default;
  • Newly added "show_quakewindow_tab option" configuration file; whether the cursor is automatically hidden when typing in terminal;
  • Newly added “follow_active_window option” configuration file; whether the cursor appears on the screen to create a new terminal window;
  • Newly added “hide_quakewindow_when_active option” configuration file ; whether quake mode gets mouse focus;
  • Newly added "print_notify_after_script_finish option" configuration file ; whether to exit automatically after executing the command;

Hello everyone, welcome to download Deepin Terminal V2.6.0 by updating your system  or directly in Deepin Store.



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