The 2023 RISC-V China Summit was held in Beijing from August 23rd to 25th, inviting the RISC-V International Foundation, industry experts, enterprise representatives, and community partners to discuss RISC-V development trends and opportunities, and attracting more than a hundred industry enterprises, colleges and universities, and open source technology communities, as well as nearly one hundred media outlets to attend the event.
Image Source: 2023 RISC-V China Summit, 2023 Xuan Tie Developer Day
Today, in the Emerald Hall on the third floor of the conference venue, the latest progress and achievements of deepin community's RISC-V technology were presented at the "RISC-V China Summit Xuan Tie Developer Day Session", and deepin V23 Beta could be seen running successfully on SiS's LicheePi 4A hosting device.
deepin adapted to LicheePi 4A
LicheePi 4A is a Linux development board designed by Syscan using TH1520 chip as the main control core, which is one of the strongest RISC-V SBCs up to now (2023Q2). The LicheePi 4A is equipped with DDE (Deepin Desktop Enviroment), browser and other basic functions, which is able to meet the daily office and development work after testing, and can obtain rich RISC-V-adapted software resources through the package manager.
LicheePi 4A
Several product experience zones were set up to create immersive and interactive open source experiences for attendees, which attracted a lot of people to stop and watch. Attendees could experience video playback, Firefox, disk manager, vim and other operations on RISC-V devices equipped with deepin V23 Beta. They could learn more about the advantages and application prospects of RISC-V, and feel the active and innovative power of the deepin community in the RISC-V ecosystem.

Attendees experience RISC-V devices powered by deepin V23 Beta

With the debut of new products, deepin will continue to follow up the latest RISC-V news. At present, we have already successfully adapted VisionFive 1, VisionFive 2, TH1520 Light-a, SG2042, LicheePi 4A, etc. We will continue to increase our support for RISC-V architecture in the future, and will also adapt more RISC-V architecture products.

In the future, we will continue to increase our support for RISC-V, and we will also adapt more RISC-V architecture devices, improve the related basic support, enhance the stability and performance of deepin for RISC-V, and provide strong support for the application and promotion of open source technology.

We sincerely hope to inject new vitality into the RISC-V ecosystem, and look forward to more interested parties joining the deepin RISC-V SIG to contribute to the deepin & RISC-V ecosystem.

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