Do you still remember? In last year's V23 Alpha release, we first introduced the brand new feature of deepin - Flow Design.

This time, V23 Alpha 2 is here and Flow Design has incorporated the characteristics of the V23 desktop components while maintaining its fluid design, providing a brand new DDE desktop environment that presents a completely different and new visual experience!



V23 Alpha 2 introduced a quick panel area to the taskbar component, integrating plugin functions and system quick settings.

You can drag the function entry from the quick panel to the taskbar plugin area to complete personalized needs. You can also drag third-party shortcut entries from the tray window to the taskbar tray area to meet the demand for displaying third-party application shortcut icons.

At the same time, the tray area uses an independent panel to expand and display, no longer occupying the length of the taskbar, avoiding the impact on the display of application area icons after expansion.

任务栏- 托盘.jpg





"I want a launcher that supports alphabetical sorting";
"I want the application categories to expand automatically without having to do it manually every time I return";
"I want to be able to pin my frequently used applications to the top, so I don't have to search for them every time";
"I want to be able to customize application categories since the ones provided by the system don't meet my expectations"...

Now, V23 Alpha 2's launcher has it all!

You can use alphabetical sorting and categorized sorting in window mode to optimize the display of application categories. Or you can open the application collection panel, drag and drop or right-click to send the application to the collection area.

You can also move application icons in full-screen mode to create application folders, manage grouping, and customize the names of groups, making it a breeze to manage frequently used applications.


Control Center

V23 Alpha 2's Control Center has undergone a layout optimization, supporting the collapse of the sidebar (first-level menu) and optimizing the display of second-level menus, making your operations faster and more convenient.

At the same time, the Personalization module provides five new global themes, 13 icon themes, and five cursor themes, giving you more diverse and unique choices.




Plugin Management

V23 Alpha 2 has added a desktop component - widget, which supports viewing the time and time difference of multiple cities around the world. Here, you can view the world time, keep up-to-date with the weather, and quickly check your emails... Of course, you can also adjust the size and display content of the widget according to your personal needs


As you may know, the design of Deepin OS has always been strongly associated with water. From visual design to interaction itself, we have always wanted our product design to be clear and refreshing, and our interaction to be coherent, smooth, and lively. With the upgrade of the Xingyun design and the transformation of the DDE desktop usage environment, we hope to bring you a more refreshing visual and interactive experience!

If you have any feedback or suggestions on the use of V23 Alpha 2, please click the link to the original article and post on the official Deepin forum to give us more feedback and ideas!

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