Since Linux Deepin 2013 was released, we have been asked by many of our users to translate it into different languages. We were planning to establish a translation platform, but the process is delayed because of the heavy development progress for the next generation of Linux Deepin. In light of our philosophy, we cherish community participation, so we are looking for volunteers to help with the translation. And we are calling it the Linux Deepin Localization Project.

Updated: For better collaboration, we have moved the Linux Deepin Localization Project to Transifex. So that people involved can see the overall progress, distinguish translated and untranslated items, and even contact other translators if they want to.

Though the method mentioned previously is still supported by our team, it is recommended that new translation be done on Transifex.

Linux Deepin’s translation project page on Transifex:

Previous method mentioned:

We have extracted a collection of PO files for translation, which can be found on our GitHub page.

You can use a localization tool like Poedit to edit the PO files, or simply grab any tool you like, even a text editor. When you have finished translation, you can submit the translated PO files by mailing to us.

Apart from submitting the translated PO files to directly via email. You can also fork our GitHub page to create your own, and request merging after you're done.

If you have any questions or issues regarding Linux Deepin Localization Project, please contact us.

Your contribution to Linux Deepin is appreciated by us.


Linux Deepin Team


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