On November 28, the 10th DDUC (Deepin Developer and User Conference) was successfully held in Beijing Xinchuang Park, BDA, with the theme - Deepin is Complete Because of You. Developers and users who have involved in the construction and development of deepin community over the past ten years played the leading roles of this activity.

This conference has been widely concerned by deepin users, open-source communities and technology enthusiasts at home and abroad. More than 200,000 people have watched the DDUC online witnessing the growth of deepin and DDUC in the past decade.

The influence of deepin in the world continues improving. With more than 1 million real users worldwide, 8 overseas communities and 135 mirror sites in more than 40 countries, deepin has become a popular community operating system for global users.


—— Developer Contest came to a successful conclusion ——

Many awards announced on the spot

To attract more developers to pay attention to the operating system ecology and participate in the development of ecological software, UnionTech Software and Deepin community jointly hosted the "Xinchuang · Future 2020 National Developer Contest", which was also strongly supported by cooperative partners such as Loongson, 360, Kingsoft Office and Highgo Software.

Leaders from the Talent Exchange Center of MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) and technical leaders of UnionTech Software, Loongson, Kingsoft Office and Highgo Software participated in the Award Ceremony of the Contest.

Lin Enxue, Director of Education and Training Office in Talent Exchange Center of MIIT, delivered a wonderful speech for the conference. In his speech, he pointed out that China has attached great importance to the development of software innovation industry, and talents for the development of information technology application and innovation industry are the key and important support for promoting the high-quality development of the information industry.

Lin Enxue delivered a speech 

Qin Bing, Dean of UnionTech College, delivered a speech to discuss and share technology on site, calling on more developers to pay attention to information security and self-developed operating system ecological construction.

Qin Bing delivered a speech

Jin Guojie, Assistant President of Loongson Technology Corporation Limited, delivered a speech on Ecological Development of Loongson and Deepin. He introduced the products and ecological construction achievements of Loongson, and described the process from product adaptation to ecological co-construction between Loongson and deepin.

Jin Guojie delivered a speech

Yao Dong, R&D Vice President of Beijing Kingsoft Office Software, inc., delivered a speech on Openness, Empowerment and Win-Win Ecology, and introduced the highlights of WPS for Linux, the technical architecture of add-ons and the development plan of future products.

Yao Dong delivered a speech

Lei Yanliang, vice president of Highgo Software delivered a speech on Ecology Governance of Highgo Software Open Source Community and introduced the contributions made by Highgo Software in the open source community.

Lei Yanliang delivered a speech


Collection of award-winning works,Click to view


As an important part of this event, the Adward Ceremony of Xinchuang • Future 2020 National Developer Contest, pushed the morning activity to a climax.

After rigorous and meticulous evaluation by the review team, six works were awarded, which support Loongson, Huawei and other CPU platforms, covering games, programming languages, practical tools, etc.

Jin Guojie, Assistant President of Loongson Technology Corporation Limited , Yao Dong, R&D Vice President of Beijing Kingsoft Office Software, inc. and Lei Yanliang, Vice President of Highgo Software, presented trophies and certificates to the winners of the third prize.


Lin Enxue, Director of Education and Training Office in Talent Exchange Center of MIIT, and Zhang Lei, CTO of Deepin Technology presented trophies and certificates for the second prize winners.


The winner of the first prize works, Electronic Dashboard System of Visual Large Screen, participated in the award session by video.


Xing Jian, head of Beijing R&D Center of UnionTech Software, also the judge in charge of this contest, introduced the works of the competition and the rating standards. Later, Liu Dianwu, winner of the first prize, and Peng Dongfeng, winner of the second prize, shared the development history and functional highlights of their respective works and prospects of the self-developed software and hardware platforms.


——Build deepin community ecology——

Concerted efforts from global open source communities

Liu Wenhuan, General Manager of Deepin Technology, Zhang Lei, CTO of Deepin Technology, and Wang Mingdong, Product Director of Deepin Technology, participated in the conference. Apart from them, representatives of worldwide deepin users and enthusiasts from all walks of life also had wonderful sharing on site or online.

Liu Wenhuan delivered a speech,Click to view

Liu Wenhuan, the general manager of Deepin Technology, addressed the DDUC: "Long-term devotion is required for operating system development. Looking back to the past decade, deepin has released more than 30 major versions and has been striding globally. In the next decade, I believe deepin community will have much more splendid prospect and make greater contributions to the open source world."

Zhang Lei, CTO of Deepin Technology and founder of the deepin community, delivered a speech named Advancing with the Times, Move Forward Together for One Decade, sharing the technical accumulation of deepin in the past decade and its subsequent technical plan.


In retrospect of the past decade of DDUC & deepin, Wang Mingdong, Product Director of Deepin Technology, took everyone through this remarkable journey together, in which deepin successfully jumped to No. 10 on the global open source OS ranking in 2019, pioneering as the first Chinese operating system on this list ever.

At present, Deepin Technology provides a variety of participating channels for better and joint building of the deepin community, ranging from community development programs, documentation for DTK, community translation projects, the co-founding of a Wiki knowledge bank, and the maintenance of community app stores.


Working as both a doctor and a Linux testing engineer at the same time, Houge Langley shared his story with deepin and expressed his perspective on the ecology of open source community.


As a member of the 8KRAW organization for professional photographers, Huang Yijun gave an introduction on how he had been using photography and video tools under deepin. According to him, deepin is fully capable of supporting all his needs in terms of camera work.


Zhou Ziyi comes from the Xiyou LUG team, a Linux fans club of Xi'an University of Posts & Telecommunications (XUPT). He shared the connections and memories between Xiyou LUG and deepin, introducing that Zhang Lei, CTO of Deepin Technology, and many other his colleagues had made continuous contributions to both Xiyou LUG and other LUG teams around China by playing an active part in multiple open source campaigns hosted by Xiyou LUG and supporting their team expansion efforts.


Experience deepin V20 at the booth area

Overseas users, developers, and communities also joined their domestic peers in this celebration activities via video presentations.

Isaías Gätjens Madrigal shared the progress of Deepin Spanish Community,Click to view

Arun Kumar Pariyar, head of UbuntuDDE project from Nepal, introduced their project,Click to view

Tavares David from France talked about apps exclusively developed for deepin by him.Click to view


With enormous help and support devoted by so many enthusiastic and aspiring users and communities, we've managed to tide over twists and turns over the past 10 years with solidarity and tenacity.

Thank you for staying with us in this decade

Sincere thanks to openEuler, Kaiyuanshe, OSCHINA, CSDN, gitee, Loongson Club, LUG@XUPT, LZUOSS, LUG@USTC, Mozilla Firefox, DevOps China, ISC, IT Dakashuo, and ITPUB for their full support for this event.

Earnest thanks to all overseas users dedicating to constantly growing deepin international communties in Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Arab, Italy, Russia and Brazil.

Cordial thanks to every translation team for their excellent work in French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Catalan, Czech, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Spanish and Turkish localization projects.

Warm thanks to management, testing and documentation teams for their great efforts, including but not limited to shenmo, Ziggy, Maicss, Msan, Catalan, qygwhk, element and momen.

And utmost thanks to all deepin users, developers and communities. Deepin grows stronger and better because of you.

Group photo of attending officials, guests and user representatives


More than 200,000 people witnessed our celebration for the DDUC 10th anniversary at this special event. Looking ahead, we will always aim high and beyond, while approaching an inspiring future shared for all.

Last but not least, many thanks to IT Dakashuo, CSDN, and 360 for their live steaming services and support. You can also review the DDUC 10th Anniversary Conference on these three platforms.

Click to view,Read More to review conference videos (IT Dakashuo)

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