Deepin Screenshot V3.0 is finally released today! The new edition Deepin Screenshot is optimized comprehensively based on the original version. It can even be said that the new edition Deepin Screenshot has solved almost all types of deficiencies that can be found in Linux screenshot software. All kinds of freshness and hotness in it await you to explore!

To put it simply, Deepin Screenshot V3.0 can be summarize in these three words— “Simple, New, Excellent”.

"Simple" ·Simplifying Is the Key  

More Accurate Selection and Location  

In Deepin Screenshot V3.0, the marquee used to take screenshots is designed more finely, the description of the starting coordinate is simplified, the clarity of the content displayed by the magnifying glass which is auxiliary in selecting coordinate points is improved and the magnified area is changed into a rectangle window with thinner border and round corners.   

Simpler Interaction Design  

The style, icons, classification and color matching of the toolbar are newly adjusted and designed, so that the operation is apparent at a glance and this app becomes more convenient to use.

"New" ·Innovating Is the Spirit 

Fully Optimized Deleting and Editing Functions  

You can find that in Deepin Screenshot V3.0, the editing features become more detailed yet they are simple, which makes the basic editing functions be guaranteed and a lot of details be optimized, such as the style of the “Arrow” tool, the adjustment of the color palette and so on.

Moreover, the users can freely select objects to annotate. You can not only move and edit the annotated objects you select at will, but also delete them easily. The deleting method is extremely simple: You can delete the objects by just selecting them and pressing the “Delete” key or directly dragging them to the outside of the screenshot area.

Intelligent State Memory  

The feature of state memory is newly added in Deepin Screenshot V3.0, such as the memory for the text font size and the state memory for social platform accounts and so on. You needn't enter an account to log in a social platform if you have used it to log in the same social platform before, which makes it more convenient to use.

"Excellent" · Constantly Striving for Perfection Is the Soul. 

Freely Switching Multiple Accounts

With the screenshot sharing functions of the new version Deepin Screenshot, the users can not only switch social platforms and accounts at will, but also simultaneously share the screenshots onto multiple social platforms. In addition, we have simplified the sharing process. The accounts can be logged out and deleted. One-click sharing in the true sense is achieved!

Blurring Effect Achieved in One Step  

Two new functions—“Blur” and “Mosaic” are added in Deepin Screenshot V3.0. With them, the blurring effect can be directly achieved in one step and thus users can protect the particular places in the screenshot at will, so the operation becomes more convenient and the beauty of the screenshot will not be destroyed. 


Beside the introductions described above, there are other new changes in Deepin Screenshot V3.0 screenshot, like state distinction with real-time response and mouse styles with distinction. deepin users can update Deepin Screenshot to the latest version in Deepin Store. You are welcome to download and experience it. More surprises are waiting for you.


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