Here our routine updated news comes again! This time, more crucial bugs and adjustment will be revealed to our broad users. Ok, big news, Deepin2014 release will be released on June 15. Just wait a giant surprise!


Bug fixes

*It didn’t work when you right-click the icon of recycle bin and then choose the “empty” option.

*Several files appear with the names while dialog boxes pop up

*There is no Steam icon on the Dock.

*The input box of account and password under login manager disappear when waking the computer back from hibernation.

*Since the function of automatic login is disabled, more problems about login after deleting the users have increased.

*The update of software center failed for being reported of reliance problem.

*0003227: the corner navigation cannot be triggered when you remove the mouse to it.


System update

*The login and lock-screen interface has been optimized to adapt to the zoom of low resolution wallpaper.

*The frame of desktop program group has been redesigned to display a light and soft style.

*The setting option of natural scrolling are added in for the touch pad under the control center.

*The interactive function of Deepin movie has been improved a lot.

*The icon of calendar is added in to provide various and pretty calendars.

*The pop-up dialog box has been optimized when you click the software to uninstall the launcher. When you move the icon of launcher to the recycle bin, the dialog box will pop out.


Software addition and upgrade

*Atom, genymotion, pointdownload and qxmledit are added in.

*Simplescreenrecorder has been updated to latest version. (Include the Chinese version)

*Anki has been updated to latest version.


For information about bug fixes and improvements, please visit our bug tracker. You are also welcome to report any problems or give us any improvement suggestions on the bug tracker.


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