Thanks for the efforts of Deepin developers, now Deepin Boot Maker 0.99 Version is released.


This software is open source software. The source code address is as follows:

Gitcafe address: https://gitcafe.com/Deepin/deepin-boot-maker

Github address: https://github.com/linuxdeepin/deepin-boot-maker



Updates of this time include the following places:

  1. We have added formatting options to enhance the success rate of making a boot disk. Users whose USB flash drive can’t start normally are suggested to check this feature.
  2. We have changed the boot program into fbinst+syslinux.
  3. The writing mode of the USB flash drive has been improved. The writing process becomes faster and smoother.
  4. Qt Widget is used to redraw the interface. Deepin Boot Maker is no longer dependent on mesa under Linux, or on DirectX under Window.
  5. Deepin Boot Maker uniformly releases 32-bit versions under Linux and it supports 64-bit systems’ running.


Linux Platform

Currrently Deepin Boot Maker supports Deepin 2014/Ubuntu14.04/Ubuntu12.04. It needs the following dependencies to be able to run normally. Please execute the following demand in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install p7zip-full mtools

After downloading Deepin Boot Maker, decompress and double-click it and then the program can run.


Windows Platform

After downloading Deepin Boot Maker, double-click it and then the program can run.


Mac Platform

After downloading Deepin Boot Maker installation package, the program can run after it is installed.

Note: Currently Deepin Boot Maker doesn’t support Mac OS 10.10.



If you encounter other problems during using it, you are welcome to report them to our Bug management system.



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