System Updates
Note: Please select "keep the local version currently installed", Next, and check "Not install grub and continue" to continue, when there is a prompt during system updates. If you are an advanced user, you can try to install grub to your disk partition.

    * Fixed the issue that users cannot login the system when the hard disk was full;
    * Supported touch screen operation;
    * Supported automatically detecting screen resolution for grub theme;
    * Fixed the processing order after maximizing and restoring the windows.
    Control Center:
    * Added "Updates Notification" switch;
    * Fixed the saving error for VPN group password;
    * Fixed the issue that the connected Bluetooth device list was still shown after turning off and re-entering Bluetooth;
    * Fixed an initial value error of the slider in display scaling;
    * Limited the picture format for grub background;
    * Fixed the issue that after switching IP to “Auto” in network configuration, the manually configured gateway was not cleared;
    * Fixed the issue that IPv6 method cannot be set to Ignore;
    * Fixed IPv6 prefix initialization error.
    * Added the tooltip when hovering over the tray icons;
    * Fixed the issue that the dock (set to be hidden) was still hidden even when the applet in the tray was shown;
    * Fixed the failure of acquiring the right menu of apps in the tray area sometimes;
    * Fixed the scaling problem of the tray icons;
    * Fixed the issue that when WINE program icon (such as QQ) flashed, there was no message reminder box when hover;
    * Fixed the issue that the tray icons did not follow with the icon theme;
    * New shutdown icon.
    * Changed launcher icon;
    * Enlarged default icon size;
    * Updated the touch gesture.

Application Updates

    Deepin File Manager version:
    * Fixed the issue that there were two pop-up dialog boxes asking for deletion when opening the invalid shortcuts;
    * Upgraded the disk mount plugin;
    * Fixed the issue that the file names on desktop were only shown in one line when increasing the font size;
    * Improved the adjustment rules for column width in list view;
    * When there was a separate home partition, users can right click it in the left panel and view the disk info.
    File Roller version: 3.30.1-2deepin
    * Changed the default compression format to ZIP.
    Deepin App Store version:
    * Changed its name to App Store;
    * Added the default settings file.
    Deepin Movie version:
    Deepin Movie(Flatpak) version:
    * Removed its name on the title bar.
    Deepin Editor version:
    * Added the status bar at the bottom;
    * Added file read-only information on the tab;
    * Added “Word Wrap” in Settings window;
    * Added F5 refresh function;
    * Added brackets highlight function;
    * Theme optimization.
    Deepin Image Viewer version: 1.3.6-1
    Deepin Image Viewer(Flatpak) version: 1.3.6
    * Fixed the issue that gif picture could not be played dynamically after changing its suffix to jpg;
    * Fixed the issue that Ctrl+C shortcut was invalid.
    Deepin Terminal version: 3.0.12-1
    * Fixed the issue that remote management cannot be used properly.
    Nutstore version: 3.1.2
    * Fixed the missing dependencies.

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