deepin is a Linux distribution devoted to providing beautiful, easy to use, safe and reliable system for global users.

After public test of deepin 15.4 Beta, we have received a lot of suggestions and feedback, we adopted part of them and fixed a lot of problems.


Here are update details of deepin 15.4 RC:


  • Preinstalled brand new desktop wallpapers;
  • Optimized keyboard layout function and it can be switched by shortcut keys;
  • Optimized interaction experience of desktop hot corner;
  • Optimized details of system UI;
  • Fixed blurred screen issues for the Intel integrated graphics card users;
  • Fixed issues that the wallpaper thumbnails probably not match the actual set wallpaper;

Control Center

  • Added custom weather location;
  • Added controls for playing music;
  • Added other plugins functions;
  • Added custom settings for multi-screens;
  • Added switch for remembering the status of NumLock;
  • Optimized quick bar styles at homepage of control center;
  • Fixed issues that control center lost the record;
  • Fixed issues that sometimes control center will not record notifications;
  • Fixed issues that cannot modify the custom shortcut keys;
  • Fixed issues that could cause crash potentially;


  • Optimized UI and interaction;
  • Optimized for showing App icons, and fixed issues that icons are blurred;
  • Optimized fonts to adjust automatically by system fonts;
  • Optimized styles on selection;


  • Optimized for showing App icons, and fixed issues that icons are blurred;
  • Fixed issues that you may not find the icons;
  • Fixed issues that adjusting volume could cause crash;
  • Fixed issues that set position could change the position and size of the normal windows;

Window Manager

  • Added showing different wallpapers for 4 default workspaces;
  • Added setting random wallpapers for newly added workspaces;
  • Optimized interaction and UI details of window manager;
  • Optimized crash problems while opening the multitask view;


  • Preinstalled Foxit Reader;
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities of the kernel;
  • Fixed the issue that Steam cannot update;
  • Fixed the issue that netcard like bcm4322 cannot work;
  • Fixed part of the problems that reported during Beta test;
  • Newly added (Wubi) installation mode; Note: Fast startup in Windows 7 or editions later after that should be disabled before installing.


Get and Experience

You can experience the unlimited charming brought by deepin in just a cup of tea time.

Please download ISO image of deepin, view video tutorial and install deepin by Deepin Boot Maker to install it to your computer conveniently.

Official Download Point:

64bit: Click Here to Download (MD5 checksum)

Other Download Point (Syncing):

Baidu Cloud Disk, Google Drive, MEGASourceForge



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