[Updated]Want Linux Deepin in your native language? We need your help!

[Updated]Want Linux Deepin in your native language? We need your help!

Since Linux Deepin 2013 was released, we have been asked by many of our users to translate it into different languages. We were planning to establish a translation platform, but the process is delayed because of the heavy development progress for the next generation of Linux Deepin. In light of our philosophy, we cherish community participation, so we are looking for volunteers to help with the translation. And we are calling it the Linux Deepin Localization Project. Updated: For better collaboration, we have moved the Linux Deepin Localization Project to Transifex. So that people involved can see the overall progress, ...Read more

Linux Deepin 2013 is released!

Yes, we call it Linux Deepin 2013 this time! Focusing on improving user experience, Linux Deepin has made several attempts and various innovations on the Linux desktop in the last two years. During the period, Linux Deepin has become more mature and stable. The new 2013 release has retained the highlights of its predecessors. It has also made many improvements based on our user's feedback and suggestions. Users of Linux Deepin are all recommended to upgrade to the 2013 version. Highlights

An introduction to Linux Deepin's way of innovation

Author: Andy Stewart, co-founder and leader of the Linux Deepin team Note: This article is translated from this page. When Linux Deepin team was organized two years ago, we already have a clear idea of what a perfect deskop operating system would be like. Over the last two years, our team has grown from several people to more than 30 members. We've always had a clear-cut goal, that is, to make a Linux operating system with the best interactive user experience. Our view about interactive experience In our opinion, the criteria for good interactive experience are as follows: 1. It's ...Read more